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Ry Cooder – 3 Cool Cats

3 cool cats
3 cool cats
Parked on the corner in a beat up car
Devourin’ up a liquor candy bar
Talkin’ all about how sharp they are
These 3 cool cats
3 cool chicks
3 cool chicks
Walkin’ down the street just swingin’ their hips
Spinnin’ up a bag of potato chips
And 3 cool cats did 3 big flips
For these 3 cool chicks
Up pop that first cool cat
He said, « Man, look at that
Men, do you see what I see? »
« I want the middle chick »
« And I want the little chick »
« Hey men, save one chick for me »
3 cool chicks
3 cool chicks
They look like angels from up above
3 cool cats really fell in love
3 cool chicks made 3 fools
Of these 3 cool cats
That’s what they did, brothers
(3 cool chicks)
Made fools of these 3 cool cats
‘Cause I’m a fool for you, baby
3 cool chicks
3 cool cats
Paroliers : Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller
Raleigh Music Publishing


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